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Happy Home Staff provides a staffing service for most types of in-home professional childcare, catering to families in the London area. Many of our candidates are based close to Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, Wimbledon, Hampstead and Richmond

If you are unsure as to what type of person would most suit your needs, please read the brief descriptions below, and feel free to talk to us. Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge and can guide you through all the options.

A Nanny is a person with an equivalent qualification and/or experience who will look after your children in your home. A Nanny can look after children of all ages and should provide plenty of fun and learning opportunities in a safe environment for children. A Nanny can be employed live out (daily), live in, on temporary or permanent basis.

A Nanny-Housekeeper is a compromise between a Nanny and Housekeeper, and as such is responsible for both childcare and housework. A Nanny-Housekeeper usually looks after school-age children, doing the school runs, and, in addition to childcare duties, he/she would be responsible for general house cleaning and ironing. A Nanny-Housekeeper can be employed live out (daily), live in, on temporary or permanent basis.

A Housekeeper is someone who takes care of running your household. One main difference of employing a Housekeeper rather than a Cleaner is that the housekeeper takes care of all the different tasks required for running the household, from polishing the silver to helping out at dinner parties. A housekeeper generally works only for one employer. A housekeeper can be employed live out (daily), live in, on temporary or permanent basis.

Couples can cover a wide range of tasks within a household. You get greater benefits when you employ a Couple compared to separate contractors for each task that needs to be done, such as small repairs and general maintenance. The majority of Couples would be prepared to live in and would expect separate accommodation. They would be either part of a team in a fully staffed household or they could run the entire home themselves. Couples tend to have experience in formal households, but are happy to work in more casual homes as well. Some Couples may specialise in certain fields such as gardening or cooking and can take care of those tasks on a full time basis.

Elderly Companion Housekeepers are there to help an elderly or disabled person, or someone in recovery. Our Companions would provide essential companionship and emotional support as well as running errands in clients household.

Carer-Housekeepers are suitable for clients with more extensive needs, such as disabilities or illness. They would assist them in full personal care, assistance in getting out of bed including lifting them, feeding and looking after their general well being including overnight charge. The Carer-Housekeeper would also make sure that the house is tidy at all times, as well as preparing meals and running errands.

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